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Berlin: 24th – 26th February 2017pixel

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Violence is everywhere. Violence is something we fear, something we revere and something we obey.

But how many of us dare to admit the weird, erotic charge it holds for us? If you feel a tingle in your loins as you read this, know that you’re not alone: fantasies of intimidation, domination and rape are ubiquitous.

Violently Yours is an exhilarating weekend workshop in which we explore violence head-on. Specifically we’re interested in the place where sex and violence meet: where the hot gets nasty and the nasty gets hot. It’s the turn-on we’re looking for, the place where we let ourselves go wild and find out what happens. 

During this weekend we’ll explore what our violence looks like, what happens when we give ourselves permission to play with it and how it can enrich and enliven our sexual lives. Together we’ll go to some very interesting places: discovering which words are hot and which are icky (and which are both at once); finding out what it feels like to threaten and be threatened; exploring safe ways to hit, kick and hurt each other; getting in touch with our primal, animalistic urges and giving them a safe outlet; letting our violence off the leash and learning to reign it back in again… and a whole bunch of other juicy stuff besides.
Violently Yours takes rough play to the next level, exploring both the dynamics and the emotions of sexy violence. During the weekend we’ll look at some of the deepest taboos within conscious kink, create a safe container and giving you permission to explore them and send you home feeling even better about yourself than you did before!
And maybe, just maybe, these explorations will bring us closer to a less violent world. We passionately believe that embracing the violence and ferocity inside is a way to stop pushing it out and giving it power over us. Come to Violently Yours and find out what that means in practice!

Life-affirming, empowering, playful and profoundly sexy, Violently Yours is an unforgettable 3 days workshop. Join us for a wild and exhilarating ride into the violence of pleasure and the pleasure of violence.

Who leads this workshop?pixel
Violently Yours is a new collaboration between SP founder London Faerie and Frank & Sheila.

Frank & Sheila, creators of Playfighting and Rough Body Play (Kinky Kung Fu), have developed a unique style of BDSM that takes you where other teachers fear to tread. With Frank’s background in martial arts and Sheila’s deep knowledge of bodywork, their work is a exploration of the rough, hands-on side of kinky play.
Faerie has for the last few years explored the pleasure of sadism and violence – and since doing Kinky Kung Fu, he’s learnt to express this more physically and viscerally than ever before. To this collaboration he brings many years of experience holding safe(r) spaces and enabling people to explore their dark corners without freaking themselves or each other out.

Who is this workshop for?pixel
Violently Yours is aimed at those with some experience in conscious sexuality, BDSM and/or personal growth. You’ve probably attended some workshops with Sacred Pleasures, Frank & Sheila or others, or explored your sexuality in some other way.
This workshop is not suitable for people who are brand-new in all these areas. 
It’s natural for a topic like this to feel a bit intimidating, maybe even scary. If you’re seriously tempted by Violently Yours but feel nervous about it, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to chat with you about it.

What do you mean by "sexy violence"?pixel
“Sexy violence” means different things to different people. It can include but is not limited to: physical rough play (punching, kicking, slapping); verbal abuse and humiliation; non-consent fantasies (always done consensually, of course); name-calling and ganging-in; kidnap and capture; fear and intimidation… and many other things along similar lines.

Pricing & Practical Infopixel
Violently Yours is open to individuals, couples and poly groups.
It runs at the following times:

Friday 24th Feb: 15.00 - 21.00 
Saturday 25th Feb: 11.00 - 19.00
Sunday 26th Feb: 11.00 - 18:00
Violently Yours is a complete journey and you need to be there from start to finish. Like all rough play workshops, it’s physically demanding and we recommend you don’t plan much else for the weekend. You’ll need your rest in the evenings!
The participation fees for this event are as follows:

Regular:  €195 per person
Concession: €160 per person (for those who earn less)
Supportive: €230 per person (for those who earn more)

Concessionary places are limited in number - please only take one if you need to.

Registration: Click here

This is what participants wrote to us after the workshop in London:pixel
"What a weekend! I think one can safely say you pulled 'Violently Yours' out of the bag. It is surely the only workshop I've attended that has left me feeling this alive afterwards. I can feel the cells in my body moving and changing taking on a new way of being.
Something in me has been shaken and stirred, but I'm not sure what, but I feel a power and a passion from being in a crazy and delicious space." (Lou)

"Thank you so much for a rich, healing and reaffirming experience, at a time when I really needed it." 

"The workshop helped me shine the light on my violent persona and integrate her with me without pushing violence away. I also felt fully supported by the teachers and the group and completely safe. I liked it how the group bonded together so quickly." 

"Had no idea what to expect but it exceeded my expectations. I didn't know it would be so healing and that I would be able to reenact my fantasy. I also didn't think that violence could be erotic - but it definitely can be."