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Interrogation Play


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More Than Getting Answerspixel
When we play with interrogation, it can of course be all about getting the desired information. But then again, if we don’t go directly for “the secret”, who knows what other interesting things we might discover instead? If you think about it, interrogation play between consenting play partners doesn’t have to be about getting any particular answers at all. It is basically a setting that allows us to experiment and experience – most of all power vs. powerlessness. Wanting to discover the secret is an idea that gives shape to the setting, not a goal we actually have to reach.

So how do we create an interrogation scenario? We will experiment with various settings. What topics can we talk about? What types of questions are best suited to making someone feel uneasy? We’ll introduce techniques to build up pressure or to confuse. We will also find out about the physical side of an interrogation scenario: body language, body positions, facial expression, and physical contact. The classical interrogation scenario for us will only be one possibility amongst others.

Please bring a bag with a few personal items to this workshop. No, we are not referring to toys – but bringing some toys that may fit into an interrogation scenario is very welcome, of course.

Here Simon Copland writes in The Guardian about this Workshop!

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