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Play Fight

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Fighting is energetic, dynamic, honest, and liberating. Play fighting retains all that but without the destructive aspects of fighting. And adds fun and joy. You get an idea of what play fights are about, if you think of puppies fighting playfully. So it’s not about winning or losing, about fighting against each other, it’s about frolicking around, having fun with each other. It means laughing a lot and can be wonderfully wild.

Play fighting is a consensual bodily confrontation that allows us to feel our strength and our partner’s strength, to feel how physical we are in a unique, intensive way. Play fights open up a protected space for us to experience playfully - issues, situations and feelings that we might otherwise not take a look at; this way we discover new possibilities and new concepts of relating to each other.

In our workshop we experiment with different forms and aspects of playful fighting. These friendly confrontations don’t always have to look like wrestling matches (don’t worry: we do not have a lack of wrestling). Scenarios and principles of play fights can be thought of and agreed upon in advance or they might as well originate in an everyday situation with rules that we invent as we play around. Play fights may, like pillow fights, include objects. And they can be very sensuous and even sexy.

Safety guidlines and a cosy and friendly atmosphere that inspires playful fighting, are especially important in our workshops.

Previous experience with martial arts or an above average level of fitness is not required, but please be sure to meet the basic health requirements for engaging in sports and physical activity. Please bring soft knee- and elbow-pads, or at least comfortable clothing that covers your knees and elbows to avoid carpet burn. We welcome couples of any kind and single people of any gender. All our workshops are held in a mix of English and German, as required.

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Participants wrote us:pixel
Wow! Awesome space. Beautiful flow of energy with conscious connection, as we transform fighting into play, re-learning how much fun we used to have as kids, when you could fight and wrestle with your friends, as an expression of play.” (Mark)

“I haven't laughed so much in years!”

“Playfighting? What a trip! What would life be like if you fought someone twice your size and both of you just collapsed into laughter?!”

“Playfighting is totally awesome!”

“No-one is really offering this work in such an accessible way. Playfighting can be a really juicy way to feel one's own, and a beloved's power, and also to explore what energy arises between you. Exquisite and potentially VERY sexy.”

“I am totally knackered after fabulous playfighting workshop. My belly hurts a bit from lots of laughing (yes, we had so much fun) and I am looking forward to proudly search and count several bruises in next couple days :)”

“Started off with whacking each other with pipe insulation foam to get us over our flinchiness. Then the exercises helped us work with progressively closer proximities until the energetic stuff was brought to an end with a game of 'zombies'!”

“Aaaah! Too much awesome to fully detail. Learned how to safely wrestle and pin our partners down (cue tons of tickling and laughter!)”

“My boundaries have stretched a lot further than I was expecting - a bit more of the overly nice guy has been eroded :) Great to feel so safe being a kid again!”

“Thank you ‪Sheila and Frank for running such a fantastic workshop.”