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Rough Body Play

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To Play Resistance and Overpoweringpixel
Subjugation scenarios are among the most widespread and elementary erotic fantasies – many of us have known them since our youth. Yet only few of us act on them and create real-life scenarios where our partner’s playful resistance is overcome in a sensual manner. The primary reason generally is an uncertainty about how to realise such scenarios safely and consensually.

Subjugation games are a form of Rough Body Play. RBP is a very direct physical manifestation of BDSM. It encompasses everything from joyful scuffles to intense existential sessions. Its focus is less on tools and toys but rather on direct physical contact through physical dominance or stylized confrontation between a “top” and a “bottom” (this discriminates it from play fighting where there normally are no such roles). RBP allows us to experience our own strength and “power” in a particularly acute way. Despite its obvious physical aspect, Rough Body Play also features a strong psychological component. RBP aims to be enjoyable for all parties and is of course strictly consensual, and thus distinct from violence. However, it derives its particular fascination from its unique physical appeal and its use of certain symbols of violence.

In their concept, Frank and Sheila blend elements of martial arts, play fighting, and BDSM; Felix Ruckert’s Resistance Play is also an inspiration. They will teach the basic know-how required for subjugation games and RBP, and create a protected safe space in which to experiment with and to experience one’s fantasies.

Topics will include: observing and maintaining boundaries, the “logic” of physical conflicts, the use of body language and facial expression, playing with physical “assault”, forms of resistance, strong to painful holds and grappling, trigger points, shoving, pushing, thumping, hair pulling, face slapping, controlled use of the fist, guiding one’s partner to the ground safely, using one’s body weight and pinning one’s partner to the ground, kicking, and the use of “stylistically appropriate” tools.

The workshop is intended not just for experienced BDSM players of all genders who are interested in carnal scenarios, but also for those who are seeking to take a first step towards BDSM (the focus on one’s body and feelings rather than on tools can be helpful here). And it further addresses anyone who, regardless of BDSM, enjoys these kinds of games.

Previous experience with martial arts or an above average level of fitness is not required, but please be sure to meet the basic health requirements for engaging in sports and physical activity. Please bring soft knee- and elbow-pads, or at least comfortable clothing that covers your knees and elbows to avoid carpet burn. We welcome couples of any kind and single people of any gender. To those who may find the topic confrontational, we would suggest to contact us prior to registering. We'll be happy to answer your questions in order to find out if this workshop is right for you at this time. All our workshops are held in a mix of English and German, as required.

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Participants wrote us:pixel
"I love Frank & Sheila's facilitation style: their humour, their ease with the subject matter and the clear love and affection they share. They create a safe, loving space for exploration and are also knowledgeable in how to make this rough stuff safe. An exhilarating couple of days discovering how much pleasure we can get from being rough with each other." (Faerie)

"Frank and Sheila were great, very engaging to watch and knowledgeable about their subject. I liked that it was informal, permissive and an encouraging environment. I also liked that there was no pressure to take part at any given point. The content was absolutely fascinating. A crash course in useful techniques for rough body play in a very fun environment. Great for beginners and experienced players." (Claire)

"Playful experiential intetactive demos, easygoing light atmosphere, well held space."

"I very much enjoyed the whole concept of introduction to rough sexy play combined with D/s which I can now safely bring to my life and experiment with lovers and possibly with clients. And to my own surprise it was a rather intense and deep experience. Playful, sexy, rough and safe." (Marti)

"Fun way explore rough body play... useful and essential to understand and try out the basics of playfighting, so it can be more safe and juicy."

“The BDSM community has a tendency to fall into a routine and it was nice to see that there are other, non-traditional ways to be closer to each other.”

“Thank you once more for a great workshop! So glad I plucked up courage to stay even for the rough play, really appreciated your emphasis on safety, attitude and playfulness.”