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People, venues, and events, that we like – and recommend:pixel


Schwelle7 (Berlin): The first Schwelle7, founded and conducted by Felix Ruckert, inspiration for the places in Sydney and Vienna. Currently Schwelle7 as a venue no longer exists, but the crew still organizes events:

Schwelle7 (Vienna): Founded and conducted by: Reinhard Gaida: www.schwelle.atpixelpixel

Workshops & Sessions

Newman Alexander (London etc.): Step into your power, live your truth and take your place in the world: Empowerment Coaching and Kinky Pleasure in London and beyond.

Sacred Pleasures (London etc.): Sex-positive and conscious kink workshops in London, central Europe and beyond.

For those based in London, join intimacy coach, Kimaya Crolla-Younger, in Making Friends With Anger. For anyone wanting to be more at ease around this powerful emotion, and it’s impact on our bodies, health and relationships, both in and out of the bedroom.

Libertine Wien: Vienna SM Special Interest Group (since 1985) – organizes educational classes, seminars, workshops, parties, etc.:

Jay Experience: Workshops on erotic hypnosis, he also does coaching:

BDSM Hypnosis Seminars with Undine and Jochen: www.bdsm-hypnose-seminar.depixelpixel


Xplore (Berlin): The festival on the art of lust, now also in Vienna, Rome, Paris, Barcelona and Sydney:

Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex (Sydney): Founded and conducted by  Dr. Peter Banki:

Hands On – conscious kink/sex/intimacy festival (Utrecht): “Hands On is about conscious kink, intimacy and sexuality. Creating possibilities to experiment and explore your desires.”:

Wonderlust (Helsinki): “Wonderlust is a mini-festival celebrating diverse and conscious sexuality. Bringing together straights and queers, sex activists and curious neophytes, kinks and shy ones.”:

Tantra4GayMen Festival (Glastonbury): “Our festival is unique as the main focus is about Love and everything that surrounds this. We believe that if we can create 5 days of Love as a community of gay and bi men then this supports us to Live Love in the world outside.”:


The Crafting Joker (Austria): High quality BDSM-toys made to the specifications of the customer. He has spezialized on leather and braiding:

Eagle Leather (Melbourne): Top Fetish-Shop and our partner in Melbourne:


Playfighting London was founded by participants of one of our workshops in England. Here is the Facebook group

Play Fight Club: Held every first Sunday of the month, conducted by Dominik and Sebastian. E-Mail to Dominik. They’re also on Facebook:

Playfight: A play fight club (every first and third Sunday of the month) at Schwelle7 (Vienna) conducted by Reinhard Gaida (Tel.: +43 664 - 302 12 50). E-Mail to Reinhard:

Playfight Club Milano was founded just recently. Here is the Facebook group